As Lead 3D Artist at Marco Polo learning I am responsible for establishing and maintaining the 3D asset development pipeline as well as independantly creating all the characters, environments, props and FX for the flagship product Marco Polo: World School, an award winning STEAM education app.
Upon starting my position with Marco Polo my first responsibility was to develop the real time versions of the brand characters, The Polo's, for use within Unity and the app. This meant taking established, high resolution character models that were created for The Polo's accompanying TV show and rebuilding them from the ground up for our mobile device target platform. It was decided early into development that the art direction of the app should follow the same format as the show, with the characters and spaces presented in a bright, clean, CGI animation style. 
Given the limitations presented by creating 3D art for mobile, it can sometimes be difficult to create the smooth shapes, clean textures and lighting defined by the art direction. However the final result has proven very popular with both users and the higher management within the company, the latter of which praising how the app looks more professional compared to competing apps within the same market.
Each character is modelled, rigged and animated in 3Ds Max with texture baking and authoring completed in Substance Painter. The character is then implemented into Unity where materials and mecanim animation trees are setup ready for use within the app.
The following character renders have been rendered using Marmoset Toolbag.