miruku is the portfolio of Daniel Jutson, a generalist 3D artist specialising in creating cool, fun content for equally cool, fun games and applications.
Based in London and with nearly 10 years experience and several published projects across PC, console and mobile, Dan has created a wide range of content for games, VR/ AR and childrens applications such as 3D game assets, cinematics production, and marketing. He has successfully delivered 3D characters, environments, animation and look development as well as established artistic work flows for development and provided mentoring and support for junior artists both in a professional and educational capacity through technical demonstrations and hands on workshops.
          //high and low poly modelling using 3Ds Max and some zbrush.
          //hard surface and organic modelling experience.
          //realistic and stylsied texture creation with Photoshop, Zbrush, Quixel Suite and Substance Painter.
          //knowledge of PBR workflow.
          //rigging & animation in 3Ds Max.
          //lighting and rendering with Mental Ray and VRay.
          //post production and editing with After Effects.
          //experience of asset implementation and set up as well as animation, lighting and particle effects in Unity.
         //experience with source control such as Source Tree, Perforce and Tortoise SVN.
'Marco Polo World School' (iOS/ Android) - Lead 3D Artist - published
'Unannounced Augmented Reality Children's App' (iOS/Android) - Senior 3D Artist - cancelled
'Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire' (iOS/Android) - Environment Artist - cancelled
'QEC' Ship Training Application (PC/ HTC Vive) - Senior 3D Artist - published
'Underzone' (PS4/PC) - Lead Artist - in development
'The Voice: The Videogame' (PS4/XBox One/PS3/XBox 360/Wii U/ Wii/ PC) - Lead Artist - published
'Campy Command' (HTML 5/browser) - Lead Artist - published
'Drop The Fruit' (HTML 5/browser) - Lead Artist - published
'Fireworks Vs Aliens' Cinematic Trailer (HTML 5/browser) - Lead Artist - cancelled
'Search & Rescue' Training Application (PC/ Oculus Rift) - Senior Artist & Designer - published
'Warrior Tank' Training Application (Unity/browser) - Lead Artist - published
'Royal Navy: Submarine' Training Application (PC/Oculus Rift/iOS/Android) - 3D Artist - published
'Guitar Hero 5' DLC (PS3/XBox 360/Wii) - Visual Artist - published
'Guitar Hero 4' DLC (PS3/XBox 360/Wii) - Visual Artist - published
'You're In The Movies' - (XBox 360) - Cinematic Artist - published
'Eyetoy Play: Hero' - (PS2) - 3D Artist - published
Gamer Credentials:
A list of consoles I own/ have owned over the years!
          //nintendo switch (my first nintendo console! Shocking I know!!
          //PS4 & PSVR
          //PS vita
          //Sega Dreamcast
         //Sega Gamegear
         //Sega Megadrive
         //Commodore 64
         //Binatone TV Master Mk IV (my first console....thanks Dad!)​​​​​​​