Underzone is a procedural rogue-lite game for PC that takes place in a future version of London; ground zero, in the aftermath of a national disaster. Taking control of 'The Mole', a re-purposed off-world mining mech, players must burrow through the 'Underzone', a sprawling subterranean network of living spaces and large industrial complexes buried deep below the surface of the city. As they carry out a search and rescue operation looking for survivors, players will uncover the mysterious circumstances of what happened above ground and soon come to realise they are not alone in the deep.
As Lead 3D Artist at Strike GameLabs I was responsible for independantly creating all of the initial 3D content for the game including blockouts, the main player character The Mole, environments, props and FX as well as creating and maintaining the 3D content production pipeline.
3D assets were created using 3Ds Max, ZBrush and Quixel Suite with the game being  built in Unity.
You can view some other environments here: Thames Waterworks, Hydroroot, Access Tunnels.
Discoverable throughout Underzone is the Synth Workshop. Upon activation the player is take to an Inventory screen where they can view their Mole's current condition and upgrades as well as install new weapons and technology either purchased directly from the Synth Workshop or found in a current play session.
Synth Workshop Original Concept Art By Matt Beakes
When I first saw the design for the Synth Workshop it was my favourite environmental asset in the game and so when it came to creating the 3D model I wanted adapt Matt's original concept as faithfully as possible. The only change I made to the design was switching the signs text to an icon as I felt this would read better when seen from the gameplay camera which was often situated further back in larger spaces.
Workshop Textures Left To Right: Albedo, Emissive, Gloss, Normal, Specular