Campy Command is a browser based game created by Remode for the Wellcome Trust for which I worked as Art Director.
The game was created as an interactive/ gamified informational piece to warn against the dangers of eating undercooked chicken.
Players assume the role of Campy, or Campylobacter Jejuni, the germ that is commonly associated with food poisoning. After surviving the cooking process of the chicken he once lilved in, Campy suddenly finds himself in a harsh and unforgiving new environment; the human digestive system, filled with a host of nasty defensive cells. There is only one thing for it: Campy must travel through the digestive tract, eating as much protein as possible in order to reproduce enough to make the host terribly ill and escape this hellish nightmare (either through the mouth or the other end)!
campy game asset
aspartate - one of the many proteins floating around that campy likes to eat.
this little glutamate got munched by a wild campy
defensin - one of the bodies defense system cells who targets down foreign bodies (like campy) and attacks them at alarming speed, hence the headband.
glucose - this cell doesn't really do much but float around aimlessly. He doesn't pose a threat but campy can't eat him.
concept art of the game screen with UI overlaid and a split screen comic style cinematics depicting what is happening outside of the body as the players progress.
the tutorial section of the game
original character sketches