In 2009, whist working for Zoe Mode, I had the good fortune to work on some of the DLC tracks fro Guitar Hero 4 and 5. I was heavily playing the GH franchise during this time so having the chance to work on these games was a dream project for me, especially at such an early stage in my career. 
I worked on this project as a Visual Note Tracker and was responsible for selecting and triggering the in game effects and choosing the camera shots and character animations that would build the performance you see on screen. It was very similar to making music videos and was a whole lot of fun to do. As a plus I also got to work on tracks by some of my favourite artists as well as discover some great new music.
The two video captures below are captured directly from an XBox 360 development kit in 2009. Unfortunately these are the only captures I have. A songlist below details the other tracks I was responsible for.
'How To Handle A Rope' - Queens Of The Stone Age - Guitar Hero 5 (2009)
'Dull Life' - Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Guitar Hero 5 (2009)
//Guitar Hero 4 Tracks
'Shimmer & Shine' - Ben Harper & Relentless 7 - June 2009
'Linoleum' - NOFX - July 2009
'Ruby Soho' - Rancid - July 2009
'Anything 'Cept The Truth' - Eagles Of Death Metal - July 2009
'The Martyr' - Senses Fail - July 2009
//Guitar Hero 5 Tracks
'I'm Free' - Rolling Stones - September 2009
'Girl's Not Grey' - AFI - September 2009
'Dull Life' - Yeah Yeah Yeah's - September 2009
'How To Handle A Rope' - Queens Of The Stone Age - October 2009