The Voice is a casual party game in the vein of Singstar, based on the international, award winning television series developed by Zoe Mode and published by Activision and Warner Brothers Digital in association with Talpa, the show's creators.
I came aboard the project as a freelance Lead Artist after the game had gone through a troubled development cycle and took the title through to publication and release. I was responsible for creating the look of the front end and mentoring and assisting the art team during the production of final art assets including UI elements, FX and the final few performance visuals.​​​​​​​
opening cinematic for the game for which I storyboarded, modelled, animated, rendered and edited.
When designing the look of the front end it was important the art direction took the franchises slick, lens flare saturated visuals and blended it with the games requirements in terms of presentability and usability. Brand awareness was key however we also wanted the title to have its own unique style.
the cinematic as it appears in game with the UI overlay
the UI was designed to mimc the red 'ribbon' a strong branding theme for the show
interstitial cinematic that plays between each of the games campaign rounds in which player compete against each other.
The game was published in Q4 2014 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii and PC.