KidCo is a childrens app development company that introduces kids to learning more about their finances and saving money in a fun and educational environment.
The brief was to take the highly illustrative characters and create real time models that had a toy like finish. These were then rendered in a series of poses and simple animations in a low poly environment.

Final Character Models

Original Character Concept Illustration provided by KidCo
My first  step was to take colour swatches of each character. The concept had a strong, bold style and I wanted to remain as faithful to the original art as possible. Following this I then looked at the basic shapes to see what parts of the models could be shared across all 3 characters: arms, legs, body. This helped to make the modelling and UV process much quicker.
Each character was built, rigged and animated using 3Ds Max with texture baking and authoring completed in Substance Painter.
The characters were then taken into Marmoset Toolbag for final still and animation renders.
The Bear
Bear Model
Bear Model Wireframe
The Monster
Monster Model
Monster Model Wireframe
The Unicorn
Unicorn Model
Unicorn Model Wireframe
Character Textures